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everteen is an expert brand offering 100% natural products which help you maintain your intimate health & hygiene.
everteen is trusted by women worldwide for its unmatched benefits

everteen products

everteen offers 100% natural products to maintain your complete intimate health & hygiene

everteen vaginal tightening gel 30gm

Everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel 30g

is a unique gel extracted from pure & natural ingredients to help moisturize, tighten & revitalize vagina
everteen vaginal tightening gel 50gm

Everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel 50g

is a unique gel extracted from pure & natural ingredients to help moisturize, tighten & revitalize vagina
everteen natural intimate wash 105ml

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash

is 100% natural product which helps you in keeping vaginal infection, odour & itching away. It makes you feel fresh & clean entire day


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Charu Sharma
Charu Sharma My Glossy Affair
I am currently using it twice a day and the results are superb. That wet feeling has reduced a lot. It works wonders for the odour when I use it. It causes no irritation or itching but inhibits all such things. It gives such a soothing and freshening effect true to its words. It protects from vaginal infections and has helped me with vaginal discharge too
Megha Saraf
Megha Saraf Makeup & Beauty Treasure
A little goes a long way with this intimate wash as it is meant for such a small area. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash leaves the lady area feeling fresh, clean and odor free
Natasha Bhatt
Natasha Bhatt TLWOM
This wash definitely helped in reducing the vaginal odour to a large extent. It lathers well and cleans the area efficiently. It also keeps the area fresh all day long. I find this very useful during those days of the month when one would need extra care. I did not get any dry feeling nor any itching or any uncomfortable feeling.Overall this wash does an effective job
Suvarna Diva Journals
I counsulted with my Doctor & decided to give it a try. After I started usinng it, I am glad I did.I see very good improvement with my intimate health & keeps infections at bay
Gaganpreet Reviews & Lifestyle
I was facing slight urinary incontinence for a couple of days. Coincidentally, I started using this wash during that time and it relieved me within the first use. My mother who has a chronic incontinence problem has just started using it. The best part is the cool fresh feeling it leaves behind & It does relieve itching and prevents odor during periods.
Shilpa Bindlish
Shilpa Bindlish M Alive N Kicking
everteen helped in reducing the vaginal odour to a large extent & cleaned the area efficiently.I find this very useful during those days of the month when one would need extra care.

Everteen Products Are Completely Safe

everteen products are made using 100% natural ingredients derived from plants extracts. They do not contain any potential harmful chemicals or preservatives to ensure that there are no side effects and you can use them without any worry

Not Tested On Animals

Animals (such as bunnies, mice, primates, dogs and cats) should not have to suffer for the absolutely unnecessary vanity of human beings. Everteen is against the Animal Testing and non of its products are tested on Animals

Paraben Free

Parabens are potentially bad for a number of reasons. They affect people in different ways. Many products that come into contact with skin contain parabens, which often cause irritation of the skin. Thats why everteen products are completely safe from Parabens so you enjoy the mots safest experience

Sulphate Free

Sodium Laureth/Lauryl sulphate (SLS/SLES) are used to strip grease from hair and make shampoo spread out and penetrate. It enters the skin very easily and remains in tissues (especially brain, heart and liver tissues) for a relatively long time. Everteen products are free from soap & SLS/SLES

100% Natural

Chemically driven formulations might give you instant results but their side effects can be very seviour. Therefore we ensure that everteen products you receive are completely safe for your intimate area use. All the products are made from 100% natural ingredients derived from plants extracts only

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