Everteen™ Vaginal tightening gel & revitalizing Gel

Rekindle that spark like first night in your intimate relationship with same tightening sensation & pleasure.

Sex is the barometer of a relationship and what you bring to it will decide how irresistible your man finds you. You should enjoy your intimate relationship with utmost pleasure and satisfaction because what happens in the bedroom is carried forward in a relationship.

You dream of a wonderful intimate relationship but you are not able to turn your dream into realty for various reasons:

  • Feel insecure because of lost virginity before marriage.
  • Feel that your partner is turning away from you because your vagina does not have the same tightening sensation & grip as it used to when you got married.
  • Experience extreme pain while having sex because of vaginal dryness.

Remember you are not at fault...

It is the looseness of vagina which is main hurdle for you to turn your sexual dream into reality.

You need not to lose confidence about your virginity or the lost tightening effect of your vagina as it is completely natural and it can be very well revitalized back to its original shape. It happens due to the strain on vaginal muscles as it stretches and contracts during regular Love making. Over a period of time, due to regular penetration, the muscles in the vaginal wall weaken and lose their elasticity and shape.

But now you can regain the same tightening sensation within no time and restore your confidence to marry like a virgin.

Everteen™ with its natural ingredients, helps you retain the shape and elasticity of your vagina, even after many (successful) sexual experiences.

Everteen™ makes you feel like a virgin and raises your confidence to a new level.

This is also for you if you are a woman who has been married for many years and now find your partner disinterested in you. After many years of intercourse, you may find that sex is not the same anymore. The pleasure is gone. Though this might be at the back of your mind often, it seems to fade away because of the chores of daily life.

Then there are some of you who are afraid of getting into a situation where your man suddenly becomes disinterested, pulls away and finds someone else. Your long-term intimate relationship needs rejuvenation. 

But you can make him fall in Love with you again using Everteen™.

The unique ingredients of Everteen™ help in rejuvenation & tightening of the vagina.

Due to absorption properties of ingredients used in Everteen™, it is quickly absorbed by vaginal mucosa and helps in increasing the elasticity of muscles in vaginal area.

Everteen™ also promotes cell regeneration in vaginal walls which further heals epidermis of vagina and rejuvenates it.

And if you are nervous of getting sexually engaged with your partner due to wide and loose vagina after child birth, you may start finding excuses to avoid intimacy.

And it is usual for you after delivery to feel that your vagina is more loose and drier than before.

Vaginal delivery makes the muscles in the vaginal wall weak and less elastic, affecting the shape of the vagina.

With each successive delivery, due to the bruises, tears and strains, the elasticity and tone of the vaginal muscles is lost, and the vagina loses its shape and grip. Give yourself a reason to smile as you can bring your vagina back to its original shape to make your man fall for you again.

EVE Speaks

  • Thanks Everteen for delivering the packet on time. I used it for a week am really happy with its results.I still have 3 bottles left and confident that after 45 days, I will get what I expected from everteen.

    Diana, 21 years, Vigan Philippines.

  • First of all, I want to share that we should not be so reserved about Sex. Its natural and we should accept it with open mind. I'm married since one year ...

    Ms. Deepa, 28 years, Netherlands

Make him fall in love Everyday

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You can now trust the magical formulation of Everteen™ vaginal tightening & revitalizing gel and bring your vagina back into shape.

Everteen™ constricts blood vessels and due to its vasoconstriction property it freshen up vaginal area resulting in tightening effect

The important thing is not to guess but to recognize especially if you are an aging women or woman in middle age. You should not lose your interest in sex after so many years of healthy intimate relationship and children just because of age or loosen vagina. Neither your male partner should feel dissatisfied since there is no firm penetration anymore.

This can lead to frustration and often in sour or ‘not so perfect’ intimate relations. You need to recognise the fact that age is just an excuse. There arises the need to tighten loose vagina so that you can once again experience the same tightening sensation, pleasure and excitement during the lovemaking activities. It is now made so easy with Everteen™ vaginal & tightening gel which is 100% safe and natural.

Everteen™ will enhance pleasure both for you and your man by providing muscular strength and firmness to your loosen vagina.

Take your first step today and order Everteen™ now as firming up your vagina will boost your sex confidence and bring positivity in your life.

Some of you might be feeling the discomfort and pain associated with vaginal dryness resulting in unpleasant sexual experiences. You are not any exception to this as vaginal dryness affects every second woman in the advanced stage of life.

Dryness in your vagina can contribute to making sex uncomfortable, painful and may result into your decreased interest in sex. It may happen due to loss of estrogen and testosterone leading to changes in your sexual drive and increased dryness.

The lower levels of estrogen can cause a decrease in the blood supply to the vagina. Decreased blood flow can affect vaginal lubrication, causing the vagina to become too dry for pleasurable intercourse.

The good news is that you do not have to worry about this. You can enjoy your Love making experience to brim with the regular use of Everteen™

Everteen™ improves lubrication and reduces dryness.

The antioxidant properties of Everteen™ act to restore health, tone, and vigour in the vagina.

Everteen™ is one revolutionary product which offers many benefits to take care of your vaginal health and improves your sexual life.

Order Everteen™ now to experience loads of benefits :

  • Tightens and Revitalizes Vagina: You will notice that after using Everteen™ consistently, your vagina is revitalized with same tightening effect and a better grip.
  • Rejuvenate vaginal muscles, tone and vigour in vagina: Regular use of Everteen™ will bring your vagina back into original shape with freshening effect.
  • Improves lubrication and reduce dryness: Everteen™ will refresh your vaginal condition with increased moisture and give you painless sexual encounters.
  • Removes vaginal harmful bacteria: Everteen™ will make your vagina healthy by removing vaginal infection.
  • Restores Post Delivery Vaginal Elasticity: Your loose vagina will start to get back into shape with regular use of Everteen™.

All these benefits make Everteen™ a must have product for every woman and this is made possible because of its 100% pure & natural ingredients which are unique and extracted from rare herbs.

  • 1. Ficus Glomerata :
    Glucose-6-phosphate dehyogenase and arginase enhance the feminine vagina muscle elasticity to tighten the vagina. It is quickly absorbed by vaginal mucosa and elasticity of muscle is increased. In Ayurveda, Ficus Glomarata is used to enhance feminine vagina muscle elasticity.
  • 2. Woodfordia Floribunda : 
    Tanins ( woodfordin A,B,C), Flavonoids , Polyphenols extracted from Woodfordia Floribunda has a stringent effect in vagina which are depicted in Ayurveda strongly. The Polyphenols are quickly absorbed by vaginal mucosa and helps in increasing the elasticity of muscles in vaginal area. With its medical properties as per Ayurveda, it enhances the feminine vagina muscle elasticity and tightens the vagina. .
  • 3. Butea Frondosa
    Albumonoids, Resin, Saponin is recommended to increase sensitivity in vagina. It stimulates sensation and promotes libido. .
  • 4. Sphatika
    it constrict blood vessles. It also has soothing effect and hence freshens up the vaginal area. It is also absorbed by mucosa and due to its vasoconstriction property, it tightens vagina and soothes it. .
  • 5. Quersuc Infectoris :
    The extracts Quercus infectoira , tannins, vitamins A and C, calcium, iron, gallic acid, fiber, protein, and carbohydrates, has antioxidant properties act to restore health, tone, and vigor in the vagina. It is quickly metabolized by Vaginal Mucosa. Its antioxidant properties act to restore health, tone, and vigor in the vagina.  .
  • 6. Aloe Vera :
    Anthraquinones glycosides in Alovera has anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effects which causes anti-inflammatory action because of inhibition of eicosanoids in vaginal area. It promotes cell regeneration in vaginal walls which further heals epidermis of vagina and rejuvenates it. With its healing properties, Aloe Vera helps in preventing infection and infuses life in the cells and tissues of vagina. .

All the ingredients used in Everteen are purified and standardised to ensure product performance, safety, quality and consistency.

Women of all life stages have trusted Everteen for enriching their sexual lives and are amused by unmatched benefits of Everteen. You can order now to see for yourself the miraculous effect of the ingredients of Everteen.

Take your first step to see how Everteen™ works wonder:

  • It promotes cell regeneration in vaginal walls which further heals epidermis of vagina and rejuvenates it. 
  • Due to absorption properties of its ingredients, it is quickly absorbed by vaginal mucosa and helps in increasing the elasticity of muscles in vaginal area. 
  • It enhances the muscle elasticity and tightens the vagina.
  • It constricts blood vessels and due to its vasoconstriction property it freshens up vaginal area resulting in tightening effect.
  • The antioxidant properties of Everteen act to restore health, tone, and vigor in the vagina.
  • The ingredients of Everteen help in preventing infection and infuse life in the cells and tissues of vagina.

Be assured about the results of Everteen™ and to avail all the benefits you can order it now.

You can avail all those benefits of Everteen with more peace of mind and satisfaction with our money back policy.

Everteen Vaginal tightening gel delivers guaranteed results in 45 days, place your order today and use it regularly for 45 days to experience the refreshing effect. If you feel dissatisfied with the results of Everteen after using for 45 days then you can rely upon our money back policy as we promise you a fast refund*. It is very rare though that this happens, as the product is so effective! So what are you waiting for?

Really you have nothing to lose. When your Everteen™ arrives in your life, everything around changes and you will be mesmerized by its magical effects. By simply applying this simple, yet brilliant gel, you will be rejuvenating your vagina and your sexual life.

This can be the beginning of a new wonderful era to your relationship and journey with your partner as Everteen reignite your passion for one another by bringing back the old days of romance and pleasure.

Thousands of women swear of the results and benefits of Everteen™ and so are we. We are confident of the effectiveness of Everteen™ and because of this we insure your purchase with money back policy. If Everteen™ doesn't work and you are not happy with the results, you can simply get your money back. But we are sure that you won't use our guarantee as, after experiencing the results, you and your partner will fall in love with how Everteen™ has reignited your love life.

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You’ll be surprised to know the cost of everteen™ Gel, especially considering those amazing benefits which you gain when you start using it. Though Everteen™ is a unique combination of 100% natural ingredients sourced from rare herbs yet we have kept its price within your control so that you receive a superior product with incredible values.

How to use everteen™ vaginal tightening & revitalizing gel

Everteen™ is recommended by Gynaecologists for maintaining vaginal health and it is clinically and dermatologicaly tested so that you receive a product which is of superior quality and 100% safe.

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