Remember the anxiety of riding your bicycle for the first time without your dad’s support? For most people, it started off with a lot of see-sawing and ended up with bruises on the forehead after banging into a tree. Luckily, the training wheels came handy; they saved us from the injuries and helped us learn to ride without any major mishaps. Just like the training wheels of your bicycle, this article will act as menstrual guide to help you to master the art of using the latest menstrual product — the menstrual cup.

Women have mixed feelings about menstrual cups – some love it, some hate it, and some feel a little skeptical about using them. Some of the common questions women think before adding a menstrual cup to their shopping cart are – How will a tiny cup hold my period blood? Is it hygienic to reuse a menstrual cup? What if it leaks? How do I place it correctly? What if it falls off?

How to Insert a Menstrual Cup?

Following is a step-by-step guide that will blow off the thought bubbles of these questions and help you insert and remove a menstrual cup with ease:

  • The first step, relax yourself: Nervousness can make inserting the cup an uncomfortable experience. Choose an isolated spot for inserting the menstrual cup and try to relax your vaginal muscles.
  • Know your vagina: Insert a finger in your vaginal opening to locate the cervix. Once you know the location of your cervix (it feels firm, like the tip of your nose), it is easy to position your cup correctly.
  • Fold the cup so that it can be inserted with ease: Although the C-type fold of the menstrual cup is the commonly used technique, be free to play around with different folding techniques to find the perfect fold for your vagina.
  • Aim it right: While inserting the menstrual cup, remember to insert it in the direction of the small of the back and not straight in the upward direction.
  • Know what to do with the stem: Now that the cup is in, decide what to do about the stem of the cup. The stem helps you place and remove the cup. But, if the protrusion of the stem is causing discomfort, you can choose to trim it off.

Get a hands-on experience of placing the menstrual cup during your periods. Your vagina is more stretchy at this time, and the period blood acts as a lubricant. However, if the blood makes you feel icky, you can always practice before your periods.

How to Remove a Cup?

  • Start with relaxing: Again, take your time and do not be nervous. Let your vagina relax, remember?
  • Go slow: Do not just pull out the stem at once; it will not only hurt you but also create a mess.
  • Squeeze the cup and release the suction: Pinch the ridges of the cup located at the bottom of the cup. Twist the cup slowly to the side. The aim of this move is to release the suction as the cup is pulled out from one edge of the vaginal wall. You might hear a pop when this happens.
  • Sway the cup: Once the suction releases, pull out the cup while rocking it from one side to another. This is helpful, especially when the cup is dogged about not coming out.

The process of using a menstrual cup may seem a little overwhelming at first, but be patient. It might take you more than a few attempts but be positive you will nail it.

Why Menstrual Cup?

 If you are still in a quandary about choosing a menstrual cup, everteen Menstrual Cups are here to tell you why they are a great fit for your period:

  • A single investment goes a long way: everteen Menstrual Cups can be reused for as long as 10 years.
  • No need for a sanitary pad–/tampon-changing alarm: everteen Menstrual Cups can hold in your period blood for about 12 hours without any trickles or spots.
  • Freshness and comfort guaranteed: No rashes, itching, odor, or dryness in the vagina. everteen Menstrual Cups take care of it all.
  • A fit for all vaginas: everteen Menstrual Cups come in large and small sizes. No chance of an improper fit and perfect for all types of period flow.
  • Encourages you to step out: everteen Menstrual Cups allow you to attend your swimming, dance, Zumba, and yoga classes as scheduled without worrying about period spots. They even help reduce period cramps due to their suction.

Don’t let periods change your to-do’s and itinerary. Live your life just as planned with everteen Menstrual Cups even during your periods. Good luck with your first menstrual cup!




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