Every time we head to the washroom to do a pad or tampon check or to rinse and reuse a menstrual cup, we see the blood soak into the pad or tampon and pool up in the menstrual cup. Have you ever wondered how much menstrual blood you lose with every period? An average period flow is between 30 mL and 40 mL, approximately 6 to 8 teaspoons. If you do the math, on an average, you will use 7 normal-sized tampons or sanitary napkins per period. Some women experience heavy periods, which is about 60 mL. For them, the use of menstrual products is at least 9 to 12 normal-sized sanitary pads or tampons for one entire period.

Are There Any Period-friendly Products For Heavy Periods?

So, we women need a period-friendly product that will be a good fit for all our period needs. By period-friendly, we mean that the menstrual product should be economical, give us complete period protection, and should be compatible with every type of period flow. If you are someone who has a heavy flow each period, it becomes a must-have product as very few available products meet your period needs.

If you just realized that you are using at least 9 to 12 sanitary pads or tampons for one period and are still reeling from the fact, it’s a good thing we have a solution for you. everteen Menstrual Cups, which come in different sizes, save the day for a heavy period flow as well. Here’s how they help:

A large sized everteen Menstrual Cup can hold up to 30 ml of period fluid and a small sized everteen Menstrual Cup can hold 23 ml of period fluid, for 12 hours! This means that if you have a heavy menstrual flow, you would only have to rinse and reuse your menstrual cup once per day. So, basically, you can manage your entire period with just one menstrual cup. Sounds impossible? Well, that’s not all; the everteen Menstrual Cup has a lot more advantages to offer you.

Keeps Odor And Discomfort Away

You might find inserting a menstrual cup inside your vagina a bit weird and uncomfortable. It isn’t that bad really. Once the menstrual cup fits well in your vagina, that bulgy or stuffy feeling you get will subside. Also, since it is an internal period protection product, it doesn’t allow the period blood to come in contact with air as in the case of a sanitary pad. So, there are no chances of odor, itches, or rashes around your vagina that tampons, cloth pads, or sanitary napkins cause.

Reduces Menstrual Cramps

This is one of the most beneficial aspects of menstrual cups that no other period product provides. Menstrual cups create a suction once they sit snugly in your vagina. This suction helps the cup sit in place and collect period blood and also helps ease period cramps. You can manage period cramps with just a menstrual cup instead of the hot bags and painkiller pills.

Sets You Free To Carry Out Any Physical Activity

Bidding your sportswear farewell because the periods have arrived? everteen Menstrual Cups are here to keep you going. They fit firmly and take care of you while you’re out playing your favorite sport, dancing on that beat in your Zumba class or swimming for a championship.

Keeps Your Vagina Irritation-free

everteen Menstrual cups are made of medical-grade silicone, which makes it 100% safe for your vagina and does not cause any irritation. Remember to sanitize your hands as well as the menstrual cup well before you insert the menstrual cup inside your vagina because prevention of vaginal infections is always better than cure.

It Is Most Cost-effective

As we saw earlier, the everteen Menstrual Cups give you leakage-free period protection for 12 hours. To add to that, these menstrual cups can be washed and reused for up to 10 years! Could there be any other menstrual product to beat this? Doubt it 😉 Now that you know menstrual cups are the literal example of being a period-friendly product and that that they can be used for all types of menstrual flow, grab a pack of everteen Menstrual Cup and experience period nirvana.

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