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Dr. Neena Behl, Consultant Gynaecologist, Fortis La Femme Hospital, New Delhi

Wedding anniversary is very very special occasion for married couples to celebrate their love for one another and remember why they decided to marry in the first place. An anniversary celebration also allows couples to pull back from their daily grind and relive a moment that changed their life forever. Since the day is very important couples should take the day off from their place of work and dedicate it completely to each other make it memorable.

In modern scenario both the couple’s daily routine are very hectic and wife’s are even busier. They juggle their entire day between personal and professional responsibilities. In course of this express lifestyle women ignore their intimate health completely, although they manage some time for their beauty needs. For routine fitness women do practice aerobics and yoga and but they ignore their personal hygiene i.e Intimate Health & Hygiene. We do see very commonly, many women in our OPD complaining intimate health problems such as vaginal discharge, itching, irritation and redness.

Some vaginal infections are easily controlled by anti-microbial but few are severe and may further complicate. Women should not ignore any abnormal vaginal discharge as many women try to treat it with home remedies. Sometime itching leads to pus formation which further complicates to ulcer and ultimately severe bacterial infection. The best way to prevent vaginal infection is keep the vulva clean and dry. Women should not use scented soap or powder rather they should use Natural Intimate Wash to keep their intimate area healthy and clean. Pre and post-coital ritual should include a trip to the bathroom to pee to prevent urinary tract infection.

Apart from these precautions a woman must consult a gynaecologist at least once in a year and go for Pap smear every alternate year for checking infections, abnormalities and cervical cancer. The best day for this gynae meeting from the calendar would be her birthday if she is single and her wedding anniversary if she is married and celebrate it as her own Intimate health Day.

Content Courtesy: Women Health Organization, Everteen Feminine Intimate Health &Hygiene Survey. The article is part of educational campaign on vaginal health & hygiene “I for Intimate Hygiene”, conceptualized by Women Health Organization and supported by Everteen Natural Intimate Wash.

Disclaimer: The content and information provided in the article is for educational purpose only and should not be considered as a medical advice. One should consult a qualified healthcare practitioner for appropriate diagnosis and treatment. The author of the article does not endorse or recommend any product through this article.

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