Everteen Cotton Sanitary Napkin

Feel fresh, clean, dry and COMFORTABLE entire day


Millions of women graduated to Everteen, what about you?

For greater level of feminine hygiene and comfort, graduate to 100% cotton unscented sanitary napkins for menstrual period.



Donโ€™t worry about summer, sweat and moisture

The cotton surface of everteen sanitary napkin pad quickly absorbs the flow and moisture, so that you feel clean and dry with no discomforts or shagginess. Everteen cotton sanitary napkin allows ventilation around your vaginal area as the layer is highly permeable to air. Even in the scorching and sweating summer, you feel fresh with no skin irritation.



Breathable & prevent odour


Antibacterial anion strip


100% Cotton top sheet

Feel fresh, clean, dry and COMFORTABLE entire day

The anion strip in everteen cotton sanitary napkin pad inhibits the bacterial growth and eliminates vaginal odor. It prevents the multiplication of harmful bacteria which can cause vaginal infection or disturbs the vaginal pH balance.

Everteen 100% cotton sanitary napkin pad


Large surface of 100% natural cotton for an instant dry and soft feel


Breathable bottom layer layer allows air to circulate, eliminates moisture & heat


Antibacterial anion strip helps prevent bacterial multiplication, eliminate odour and relieve from menstrual discomfort


Sterilised air laid paper to guide menstrual fluid to superabsorbent polymer centre


Both side protection to prevent leakage and provide extra protection

Everteen Cotton Sanitary Napkin Pad

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