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Dr. S. Shabhana, General Physician, Bokaro

In summers, as the school of the kids get closed, Moms are preparing for the outing. It is the women/Moms in the family who usually take care of their kids in packing school bags, preparing lunch, ironing clothes, polishing shoe and waiting at bus stop for school buses, are quite busy and having full of stress during their daily routine. The summer vacation brings some respite to the women and gives them opportunity to go out for rejuvenation and busting stress. Here are some personal hygiene tips for those ladies who are travelling and holidaying.

Travelling can increase the stress on your immune system even it is for fun. If you are not care full in your outing you may get indigestion along with cold and flu. Travel affects lot of things in women’s life but one thing none would expect is its effect on period i.e menstrual cycle. Many women while travelling experience their usual menstrual cycle changes or even stops. The reason for such changes is change irregular diet, altered exercise pattern, stress although it is for fun.

If you face such menstrual cycle problem while on road and if it persists, do not get panic and see the doctor to get better advice. A woman should travel with usual period-supply she’s used to i.e sanitary pads, tampons, vaginal wash and natural intimate wash. If you use them with a different frequency on the road, no worries, it’s just nice to have things on hand when you need them. If you need to restock on the road but don’t know where to go, don’t forget, there are loads of women who live there at that place. Women shouldn’t be shy to ask for advice on where to get things like tampons, cramp-relief meds or heating pads or just a nice dose of something sweet to knock off those cravings. Always keep with you good quality intimate wipes and washes, preferably natural intimate wipes and washes made of natural ingredients for your immediate hygiene needs.

So, ladies, whenever your planning for your vacation out, be prepared for common travel related problem i.e menstrual pain, so that you can enjoy you trip fullest without your intimate worries.

Happy travel & Happy Holiday!

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