Douching for Cleaning Vagina:

Douching, the method of cleaning vagina by flush of water is linked to several health complications. The recent study by National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences finds that douching can cause ovarian cancer in women. It is estimated that 20-40% of women use douching as a practice of cleaning vagina. The practice of douching is commonly observed among teens and experts warn of the practice of douching due to its linkage with health complications.

Health Complications due to Douching: 

In its study, National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences found that the women who use douching for cleaning vagina had double the risk of developing ovarian cancer. Experts believe that a possible reason behind the correlation between douching and ovarian cancer is that douching pushes toxins into the reproductive tract.e

Several earlier studies too have raised concerns over douching and its linkage with cervical cancer, Reduced Fertility, Pelvic Inflammation Disease and others. As per the doctors, douching is completely unnecessary yet many women continue to douch. Many women falsely feel that douching has positive benefits like increased cleaning, reduced odor. Some women use douching as a method of birth control too as they flush waters inside vagina after intercourse with an opinion that it shall prevent pregnancy. And some women do use excessive douching during menstruation so as to maintain cleanliness or remove menstrual blood or to get rid of menstrual odor. However this is totally other way around. Rather than doing any benefit, douching causes several health issues and can also disturb the pH balance of vagina. This is completely a false perception that douching can help in vaginal cleaning or birth control, on the contrary it causes health problems and ovarian cancer is one of them as proven by the study of NIEHS. Experts warn that douching can actually increase the risk of vaginal yeast infection and may also lead to pregnancy problems in women.

Use everteen Natural Intimate Wash for Cleaning Vagina:

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