First Time Sex- Tips to help you to have better experience in your first night of marriage:

There is an abundance of apprehension glued with the term ‘virginity’ all around. Our society has double-standards as far as sexuality is concerned. If a male is a virgin, then he would be tagged as a loser or an unattractive personality. On the contrary, if a woman is virgin, then it would be considered as a sign of purity and innocence. However, most of the people delay the intimacy until they get married. And, probably that is the prominent reason of their unawareness towards first time sex.

Thus, if you are also going to get married, then here is a guide for you that will make you familiar with the first time sex.

It can be Clumsy

If you have watched a lot of porn or have heard the experiences of your friends, then you would have to remember that it is not going to be the way you imagine it to be. The first time sex is always clumsy and awkward. You both are yet to explore each other’s bodies and fantasies. Hence, it will take some time till it gets better.


One of the most usual complications can arise because of the lack of communication. Discussing or talking about sex has always been considered a taboo. Therefore, most of the couples cannot really express their desires. Hence, you must communicate with each other freely and enjoy the moment.

It is going to hurt

Generally, getting intimate for the first time may offer pain more than satisfaction. Dyspareunia is one of the most common problems among women. This problem causes immense pain during the first time sex. The reason can be the lack of lubrication. It goes away with time. But, if still, you face discomfort during sex, then you would have to take care of the hygiene of your intimate area. You can use Everteen vaginal revitalizing gel which helps in reducing vaginal dryness and rejuvenates vaginal muscles.

Relish the Moment

Most of the times, sex becomes all about doing it correctly and pleasing your partner. You don’t have to be nervous as it can tangle the things even more. Forget about the movies or the porn. It is indeed a hoax. Just relish the moment as much as you can.

Create the Atmosphere

Since it is going to be your first time, hence, you would be a bit shy and a bit awkward. Just to calm down your own senses and to make your partner comfortable, you can create a light and romantic atmosphere. Lit the candles, spread flower petals, or play some music.

Just because sex has always been considered disgusted, so nobody is really going to teach you or guide you regarding the different aspects of the first time sex. However, apart from enjoying it, you would have to take care of your private area as well. Too much orgasm can result in itching and discomfort around your private area or sometimes fallen semen in vaginal area can cause vaginal infection or vaginal discomforts with vaginal irritation. Thus, use Everteen Natural Intimate Wash to take care of your intimate area.  Wash you vaginal area with everteen natural intimate wash daily as it helps in keeping your vaginal area clean, fresh and infection free.

Some useful points for maintain vaginal health which shall enhance your experience with first time sex:
  1. Always wash your vaginal area with everteen natural intimate wash.
  2. Use everteen intimate hygiene wipes to clean and wipe your vaginal area before and after sex
  3. If you are involved with oral sex then maintaining vaginal hygiene is more advisable
  4. Use everteen vaginal tightening & revitalizing gel for better orgasmic experience. Everteen vaginal gel also helps in reducing vaginal dryness so that you don’t experience pain during sex.
  5. Keep your vaginal area hairfree. In order to remove hair from vaginal area, always use everteen bikini hair remover crème, it is specially designed to remove hair from bikini area.
First Time Sex- Everteen is your partner to help you enhance your sexual experience

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