You were lucky in your school days if using menstrual products was a subject in your sex education class. Since period hygiene education was limited to sanitary pads those days, the internet became the only resort to learn about latest menstrual products. Tampons, menstrual cups, and period panties are the new age menstrual products. But, the one menstrual hygiene product that has changed the way we look at menstrual hygiene is the menstrual cup.

What Are Menstrual Cups?

Menstrual cups are medical-grade silicone or latex-based tiny cup-shaped menstrual products. They come in different shapes and sizes. Most menstrual cups are reusable while some are disposable. The reusable menstrual cups like the everteen Menstrual Cups are a perfect bet because they are not just reusable for one period cycle; they can be reused month after month for up to 10 years. If you are raised in a society where menstrual cups are not available widely, don’t worry. Google up tutorials on using them, talk to a friend who uses it or simply read this blog until the end 😉 We will help you use a menstrual product with ease with this beginner’s guide.

Measure Your Cervix:

Cervix is a part of the vagina from where your period blood leaves. Measuring the length of your cervix will help you buy a cup that suitable for you as the cups come in different sizes such as small and large. You can choose a larger cup if your cervix is high, and choose a smaller cup if your vagina is small or short in length. Basically, measuring will make sure that the menstrual cup won’t poke out or ride down while you wear it. To measure the cervical length:

  • Fun fact: The position of your cervix is different at different times of your menstrual cycle. So make sure you wait until your period arrives to check your cervix length. Measure your cervix on two different days of your period since the cervix may not be of the same length every day.
  • Insert a clean finger slowly and gently into your vagina with or without a lubricant.
  • The touching point would be when you find an area that feels like the tip of your nose. The cervix almost feels like a round nub with a dent in the center.
  • After you touch the cervix, measure the length of the finger to the point of insertion using a ruler and note the centimeters or millimeters. If your finger was unable to reach the cervix, just add a few extra centimeters to the finger length.

When you go to buy a menstrual cup, this information will help you get the right size. everteen Menstrual Cup come in small and large size, making them suitable for a vagina of any length and for women with all types of menstrual flows. Yes, managing the flow is of utmost importance.J Irrespective of whether your menstrual flow is light, heavy, or very heavy, everteen Menstrual Cup gives you leak-free protection. If used correctly, you don’t even feel the presence of the cup in your vagina.

To Use The Cup:

  • Wash your hands before beginning the process. Hold the cup in a firm grip and fold it.
  • Insert the folded cup in your vagina and take out your finger.
  • If placed correctly, you will not feel the cup inside you.

The suction created when the cup is placed in your vagina will make sure that the cup doesn’t move from its place and stays firmly in place. This suction serves another purpose too.

Did you know that menstrual cups could be a period pain reliever? Yes, it’s true; the suction that the everteen Menstrual Cup creates eases out the painful menstrual cramps! After 12 hours, remove and empty the cup, rinse it, and reinsert. The everteen Menstrual Cup stays put for 12 hours without pooling out blood or causing any leaks. However do give yourself to get used to menstrual cup as this is a new situation and  it sometime plays on the mind that something is inserted in the body. Initial few times one may feel a little different. Later, it becomes like-fit it and forget it.

Good luck with your first menstrual cup! Make sure to share your experience with your girl gang and with us. 😀




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