Nothing about infections is even remotely appealing; they come, they go, and they leave you with a nasty itch or the flu. Creams or pills can make the rash and cold go away in a few days, but managing an infection in your vagina is never an easy task. Along with managing medications, you also have to manage the uncomfortable itches, discharges, rash burn, and pain. Someone rightly said, better safe than sorry! But, is there a way to keep vaginal infections away effortlessly? Naturally? Without pinching your pocket? We have the answer for you.

Your vagina has its own flora of symbiotic bacteria and yeast that it lives happily with, in complete mutual harmony. They keep the vagina healthy and strong enough to tackle the harmful bacteria and yeast, and stay safe from potential infections. However, even slight changes in the vaginal pH leads to multiplication of some harmful fungi or bacteria and, consequently, infections.

Irritation, excess discharge, dampness, rashes, and other issues begin to pop up. Here are some breezy ways to keep the bacteria calm, mind their business, and not bother you:

Cut Down The Clamminess

Wear loose-fitting pants and underwear. Always choose absorbent cotton panties. Let the air keep flowing through your undies, keep your vagina fresh, and let the absorbent underwear give you a dry, non-irritating feel. If you are in a wet bathing suit or wet gym wear, step out of them as soon as you can and take a shower.

Pro tip: Always wipe your vagina front to back. This will prevent the nasty bacteria, like E.Coli, from infecting your vagina.

Be Extra Careful During Periods

If you get vaginal infections too often, try using menstrual cups or pads instead of tampons. If you are a tampon user, remember to change them regularly. Don’t add those scented tampons and pads to your cart as they may irritate your vaginal skin. Tampons left in place for too long can act as a source of infection.

Skip Douches And Chemical Intimate Wipes

Avoid using feminine cleansing and hygiene products that contain preservatives and harmful chemicals. Instead of keeping your vagina clean, they may just invite new problems. Try using a natural cleansing product like the everteen Natural Intimate Wash, which has 100% natural ingredients, is free of the harmful sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), and has a pH-balanced formula. Give up those chemical powders, foams, and sprays.

Try Your Best To Stay Clean and Dry

Make sure to use daily protection against discharges and fluids by using daily panty liners. The 100% natural cotton surfaces like those in the everteen Daily Panty Liners protect you from unexpected spotting, accidental urine leaks, and discharges every day. Everteen’s line of panty liners is specially designed with an antibacterial negative ion chip that fights infections while keeping you dry and fresh.

Pro tip: Instead of bulking up your bag with an entire panty liner pack, try using individually wrapped panty liners like the Everteen panty liners. Carry only as many as you want!

Safe Sex Is A Safe Vagina

Say yes to condoms to protect from infections from a non-discerning partner. Having sex could worsen the dryness, soreness, and itching in the vagina if you already have a vaginal infection. So say no to sex if you have an infection until these symptoms clear up. To get rid of the infection, consult a doctor and take appropriate treatment.

Follow these tips to keep your vagina hygienic and ward off vaginal infections like a pro! Empower each morning with a healthy you and be confident about your intimate parts!

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