The fact that is troubling is that there is still a majority of women who aren’t aware of their genital areas. Blame it to the taboo prevailing in our society regarding this subject, not every woman is comfortable in talking about it, even if she is dealing with a myriad of problems related to the vagina. It is highly important to get familiar with your private area so as to be informed about the changes happening inside your body. Hence, for this purpose, Vaginal Self Examination is one of the useful tasks. Don’t know how to do it? Read here!

What is Vaginal Self Examination?

A Vaginal Self Examination is one of the effective ways to have a glance at vulva and vagina. With the help of this analysis, you would be able to understand your body in a better way, including the changes during your periods. Also, it is one of the great ways to find out if there are any serious problems or not. Until or unless you are not aware of the hassles faced by you, you wouldn’t be able to make the doctor understand, right? Thus, timely vaginal self examination becomes necessary in such a scenario.

Why Should You Do Vaginal Self Examination?

  • To understand your body in a definite way.
  • To spot abnormal discharge, vaginal sores, or other specific problems.

Things to Know-

To conduct this examination, you must ensure that you haven’t used vaginal creams or any other related products within 24 hours of this test. Also, you must have a handheld mirror and a bright light to do this exam.

How to Do This Examination?

Follow these steps to conduct a successful vaginal self examination.

  • Wash your hand well before starting.
  • Sit down and support your back with pillows. Bend your knees and spread them apart.
  • To lessen the discomfort, relax your pelvic muscles.
  • Hold the mirror in front and examine the parts of your intimate area, including the vulva, outer and inner labia, clitoris, and urethra.
  • Make yourself familiar with the color and the size of these parts.
  • You can even examine the insides of your vagina to detect any abnormal signs.
  • Then, you must also check your vaginal discharge. If it is cloudy white and does not have a foul smell, then it is healthy. Otherwise, you must contact your doctor in case of any suspicion.
  • Also, if you figure out any abnormal lumps or some specific changes that were not there before, you must contact a specialist as soon as possible.

So, these were some of the easy steps to conduct a vaginal self-examination. If you noticed any soreness or reddishness, try keeping the hygiene level high for some days. You can use Everteen Natural Intimate Wash for washing your vaginal area on daily basis. A good quality feminine hygiene wash like Everteen helps in preventing vaginal infection, vaginal itching, and unnatural odor. If you experience any issues like change in vaginal discharge, burning sensation or others then you must contact the doctor. Moreover, you must go for timely pelvic examinations from a specialist even if you do self-examination at your home.

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