Tips for Initiating Sexual Intimacy with Your Partner:

Initiating the sexual intimacy might be an arduous task for all the women, even to your own husbands. It’s because the women have left this burden on men. There can be a lot of reasons. The negligence of the communication, the lesser knowledge of the intimacy, the awkwardness – you name it. The women have been taught that it is not their job to initiate the intimacy.

So, ladies, it’s time to turn the table and change the game. Here are some of the tips that would help you in initiating the sexual intimacy:

Manifest the Passion

You would have to show enthusiasm and passion for initiating intimacy. You don’t have to ask your partner whether or not he is interested in doing it. Get into the correct frame of mind to show your enthusiasm and to tell your partner that you are also passionate about it.

Avoid Over thinking

One of the prominent reasons behind women not initiating the sex before is because there are a lot of messy things going in their minds. You have to stop over-thinking. Turn off all the unwanted thoughts and focus on only one thing. “Am I looking good enough?” “Are there any foul smells coming out of me?” “Is he willing to do it?” Stop Over-reacting even to the littlest things.

Don’t Be Awkward

Yes, there would be some of the reasons behind your awkwardness. But, think about it – he is your man. And, if he has the responsibility to show right on you, then so do you have it. He is the man who knows you inside out. Therefore, you must not shy away from touching him anyhow.

Take the Lead

If your husband always initiates, then you would know what actually he wants. You can beat your husband to that. Take up the lead and make some advances towards your husband. Not just once, but take the lead on a daily basis if you want to ignite the spark in your marriage.

Be Candid

Being utterly undeviating is natural if you have mastered your courage. Being candid does not means being dull or tedious. You can be a little more creative while sending the message across. You can create a codeword or send a text message.

Keep your feminine hygiene protected

Keeping your vaginal area clean and maintain proper feminine intimate hygiene. You can use everteen range of products for maintaining your intimate hygiene as it will enhance your intimacy experience with your partner.

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Use some of these tips to initiate intimacy and rejuvenate your married life to a great extent.

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