Figuring out the best option for anything needs, some googling, star ratings and reviews, and that gives us an assurance that we’ve made the best selection. However, when it comes to choosing certain things like menstrual products, our decisions are not just based on ratings and reviews, but also on some trial and error. The menstrual product that has been tried by many women around the world and which has gotten maximum likes, hearts, and positive reviews for being a safe, effective, period-friendly product, and being the most hygienic product, is the menstrual cup.

Are Menstrual Cups Sanitary?

Menstrual cups have created a buzz on the internet and in the stores. Since they have gained much support, menstrual product companies have started to manufacture menstrual cups in different shapes and sizes to make them accessible and convenient for every woman to use. As the umpteen reviews on menstrual cups show, menstrual cups are sanitary (hygienic), but do they clear the sanitation test? They do, let’s see how.

Even if the reusable line of period products is out there, most of us still use disposable sanitary napkins and tampons for periods. The consequence of using these products, especially on heavy period flow days where you have to change the period product often? Generating pile-ups in our trashcans and dumping grounds, clogging up the sewers and, if you look at the long-term harm to the environment, making them fail the sanitation test. Wondering what makes everteen Menstrual Cups a better product? Following are 3 reasons why the everteen Menstrual Cups is the best sanitary period product out there:

Most Comfortable, Reusable and Healthy

You might be thinking, amid other reusable products like period panties and cloth sanitary pads, why do I choose a menstrual cup? No doubt, period panties and cloth pads are a good option when it comes to reusability. But, they do carry the risk of causing itching, irritation, or burns on your intimate areas and need to be washed.

Menstrual cups are inserted inside your vagina to collect period blood. So, no rashes or burns on the outside and only hassle-free collection inside. Also, to reuse an everteen Menstrual Cups, you just need to give it a quick rinse with clean water and use it for as long as 12 hours. And, boil it before using it the next period. No brimming bins, no washing hassles, no frequent changes of pads or tampons and a period with mental peace!


While pooping or peeing, pads tend to get messier, and even the tampon string ends up getting uninvited things on it. Some of us even worry that the soaked up fluids on pads and the materials clinging to the tampon string may seep into the vagina and cause infections. The everteen Menstrual Cup stays in and clear of the mess even as you poop or pee. If you feel a nudge from the cup or if it is making you uncomfortable, just move around the position of the cup; this helps most women. There is no risk of contamination as it is deep inside the vagina.


It is important to wash the everteen Menstrual Cups and then use it to make sure there are no unwanted bacteria entering the vagina, alterations to pH levels, or infections. In case of pads and tampons, you cannot do anything but change them often to make sure period blood does not cause any infections. But, doing this reduces their sanitation score big time.

On the other hand, once the everteen Menstrual Cups is well sanitized before inserting it in the vagina, it has no chances of infections.

The everteen Menstrual Cup is clearly a winner when it comes to being a hygenic menstrual product. It can be used for up to 10 years, helps maintain better intimate hygiene, and reduces the risk of infections remarkably. Other aspects that make the everteen Menstrual Cups the best product are that they:

  • Eases period cramps
  • Gives leak-free protection
  • Are cost-effective and most comfortable
  • Give freedom to pursue physical activities like swimming or yoga during periods
  • Keep odor, rashes, and dryness at bay

Now that  you’ve learned why the menstrual cup is the best menstrual product… Grab an everteen Menstrual Cup and have a great period with the most eco-friendly, hygienic, and hassle-free menstrual product available today.




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