You are Just Married and the planning for honeymoon is well arranged at place. As you understand, Honeymoon is not just tourist activity, rather you both have planned how to go ahead with this relationship with ever lasting bond and stepping upon the first time physical relationship. Most of the couples do lot of planning around honeymoon and tend to ignore the part of handling “First time Sex”. Whatever said and done, sex is an important aspect of a married life and it plays quite a big role in creating strong bonding between couple. An incomplete sex or unsatisfactory sex can lead to spoiling the quality of life and quality of relationship between married couple.

If its your first time sex, then the likelihood is that you may be feeling nervous. Don’t worry, first time sex make most of woman nervous, in fact man too feel the nervousness. You may be feeling that your inexperience in sex may spoil the charm of honeymoon. Well, we suggest you to do little bit planning around your first night so that you have a memorable honeymoon:

Take a Walk: Just don’t head straight into bedroom. Its good to be relaxed and spend some time alone, having a walk around and talk about how you feel about your first night. Tell him that its first time sex for you and you definitely want it to be wonderful. Try to set the expectation for each others, in terms of how you would love to do it and learn how he would like to do it.

Set the ambience: Make little arrangement in the bedroom in terms of lighting in the room, let it be shady and soothing light in the room. Make sure that the room’s surrounding is not noisy and room odor is pleasant enough.

Set the Mood: Its not only room odor which matters, “how you & your body smell” that matters the most. Make sure you use the right kind of perfume or deo for body odor so as to set the mood. Ensure that the deo or perfume is not too much or annoying for your partner or for you. Let it be moderate and pleasant body perfume.  Smell good, it sets the mood.

Keep your vagina clean: And don’t just think of body odor, how you smell down there that also has a role to play for

perfect sex. Most of the women ignore the fact that vaginal odor can turn off the entire mood. So smell good down there too.  Keeping your vagina clean is recommended not only for sex or intimacy but also for maintaining vaginal hygiene. Don’t use soaps or shampoo for cleaning your vagina as it may creates infection. Always wash you vagina with everteen natural intimate wash, it’s specially designed to wash vagina and maintain cleanliness down there. In fact, you should clean your vagina both before and after sex with everteen feminine intimate wipes. That’s the best tip for vaginal hygiene and for sex too.

Prolong Foul Play: Just don’t hit sex button directly. Go for foul play as it will create excitement and strong desire for going for the sex. Hold the sex for sometime and concentrate on foul play, let it be long enough and fulfilling so as to set both of you for the perfect sex

Go for it “the Sex”: Hit the road with the missionary position so that you understand how its going to be in first time. If you find it comfortable and pleasant in the missionary position, then try other sex positions as liked by both of you. Experimenting with sexual positions brings better quality of sex along with pleasing orgasm. If you feel pain during sex, there are chances that you have dryness down there.  A lot of women do suffer with vaginal dryness and they feel pain during sex. If it is the case with you, then you can use Everteen Vaginal Gel, Everteen Vaginal Gel helps in reducing vaginal dryness and revitalizes vaginal muscles.

Go.. Have a Happy Honeymoon and Wonderful Married Life.


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