Who doesn’t love traveling? And, when you are traveling, you are surely going to be so much engrossed in relishing the moments that you wouldn’t probably care about any other thing.  As a woman planning for a trip always need to care for extra items so as to have undisturbed travelling and to maintain feminine hygiene in summer vacation. However, no matter where you are traveling to, one thing that you must pay attention to is your feminine hygiene, intimate hygiene. More so, if you are going in summers, then the chances of gaining unwanted feminine hygiene problems rise high.

Thus, here are some tips that you can follow to keep yourself neat and clean so as to enjoy every moment of your trip.

Preplan items to be carried to maintain feminine hygiene in summer vacation:

Before leaving for our journey, we plan for most of the top of list items like dresses, shoes, makeup kit or vanity kit etc. But we tend to forget the items which are necessity for keeping you relaxed from the worries related to your intimate hygiene or personal feminine hygiene. While on vacation, you must have planned for swimming and have arranged for swimming suit. But do you know that post swimming; there are chances of intimate discomforts or irritation down there? So have you kept the intimate wipes or feminine hygiene wash in the traveling kit.

You might be planning for mountain climbing and cared to carry the track suit. You should know the fact that while mountain climbing, the sweat around your intimate parts can cause discomforts or vaginal irritation. So having a pack feminine hygiene wipes in your traveling kit becomes an important item.  Other than this, daily pantyliners in your bag for unwanted urine leakage or vaginal discharge or unexpected period should not miss in the list of items.

When you are traveling or on vacation there is hell lot of things you plan to do. And most of the activities will be physically tiring which are linked to causing vaginal discomforts .Nowhere, you would like that you face any disturbance or distraction while you are on trip. And these feminine hygiene items can really add value to your relaxation as you will be free from these feminine intimate hygiene worries. The below items will help you maintain feminine hygiene in summer vacation.

Keeping Feminine Hygiene Wipes:

Keeping the foul smell away from your intimate part is one of the most daunting tasks to do. And more so, if you are on a trip, you cannot afford to leave it just like that. Apparently, you would be surrounded by people in an entirely new place; thus, it is necessary to be the best version of you. So, for that, every time you visit the bathroom, you must wipe the outer surface of your vagina to keep vagina clean. It will eliminate the scent of urine, natural discharge, and sweat. But, don’t use crumpled tissue papers as they can further create problems; instead, carry a pack of Everteen Natural Intimate Hygiene Wipes.

Also, you might be going to avail the city tour facility through Car or Bus or Train and during the halt in between, you might be using the public toilets. Do you have an idea that public toilets are most unhygienic and are den of bacteria causing vaginal infection or urinary tract infection?  You would not like to put yourself at risk of exposing yourself to these bacteria. In such scenario, everteen intimate hygiene wipes in your bag will give the best protection from vaginal infection or UTI. Just wipe off your vaginal area with everteen intimate hygiene wipes after using the toilet and forget where that sightseeing car or bus halts. Needless to mention that if you are going through a train, then the toilets in the train are used by so many people and so frequently. Just travel free with the intimate hygiene wipes in your bag.

Carry feminine hygiene wash:

It is advisable that you should wash your vaginal area with good feminine hygiene wash daily, while taking bath. If you are not carrying a feminine hygiene wash then you might use soaps or shampoo. You should know that soaps or shampoo can disturb the vaginal pH balance and cause vaginal infection, vaginal irritation, vaginal itching and vaginal discomforts. Since these soaps or shampoo contains chemicals which are strictly No No to use for your sensitive area like vagina. You should always carry a natural intimate wash for washing & cleaning vagina. Everteen natural intimate wash is one of the best and most recommended feminine hygiene wash for washing vagina. Everteen natural intimate wash contains natural ingredients which help in preventing vaginal infection or vaginal irritation. It helps in maintaining vaginal pH balance so that you feel fresh and clean entire day. The best part is that everteen does not contain any chemicals as it is especially formulated for cleaning vagina which is the most sensitive part of your body.

Enlist Daily Panty Liner:

Urine leakage or vaginal discharge or unexpected period can create an embarrassing situation for you. It can not only stain your favorite dress but also put you in a discomforting situation. Pantyliners is a great protection against urine leakage or vaginal discharge as it soaks the fluid instantly without letting it affect your panty, inner-wear or outerwear. When you are traveling, or mounatining, or sitting, coughing, laughing, don’t let urine leakage affects your comfort of travel. If you have urinary incontinence problem then pantyliners become a must to have item. Everteen 100% cotton daily pantyliners provides best protection as these are breathable. Everteen daily pantyliners controls odour and soaks moisture instantly so that you feel dry, clean and fresh throughout the day.

 Bikini Hair Remover to Shave It Off:

You have planned to carry that pretty bikini swim suit but what about the bikini hairs or hair around your bikini line. You would not like that hair peeping out from your bikini line. Everteen crème hair remover bikini line is specially designed to remove hair from pubic area and bikini line. The “no smell” formula of Everteen crème hair remover bikini line provides you clean feel just like Brazilian wax. It merits mention here that it is handy and convenient as you can remove hair from bikini line at your own convenience. So enjoy your bikini suit with a hair free bikini line.

In the end, these are some of the tips that you can adopt if you want to relish each and every moment of your trip and maintain feminine hygiene in summer vacation. If you don’t want to carry so many products, then you can purchase an Everteen Travel Pack, which has been precisely created for your long journeys. Also, don’t forget to carry a first aid kit, in case you would need it throughout your trip.

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