A recent report by American Association of Family Physicians (AAFP) rightly equated menstrual pain with heart attack. As per the report, one in five women experience unbearable menstrual pain which is as bad as a heart attack. Menstrual pain as a basic fact of a woman’s life has received no attention of academia and research for finding an effective cure. The menstrual pain which affects over 50% of women has been given least priority in medical research and women are forced to suffer with this agony in silent.

As per the experts, it is time when the science and experts should discuss this in open and should strive to research a proper cause and cure for this. Menstrual pain, which in medical terms known as dysmenorrhea, interferes with the daily life of one in five women pushing them to suffer with excruciating agony of menstrual pain. There is no underlying gynecological pathology causing pain due to dysmenorrhea and it affects the woman during or just before she starts menstruating. For some women, the pain associated with dysmenorrhea is just annoying but for some it can be severe enough to affect their everyday activities for few days or months.

Here are some simple steps to help you to reduce menstrual pain:

Warmth to lower belly: Putting a hot water bag on the lower belly, just bellow your belly button can help in dissipating the pain

Pay attention to your food: Your diets and food can help in dealing with Menstrual Pain. Don’t consume food which contains caffeine like coffee, tea, energy drinks

Do yoga and exercise: Some yoga and aerobic exercise can help in reducing the pain associated with Menstrual Pain. Yoga is considered a good remedy which can provide relief. A pose of Yoga targeting pelvis and lumbar region can be very helpful. You can take a help of Yoga teacher which can guide you to some pose targeting the pelvis and lumbar region which are worst hit due to pain

Maintain vaginal hygiene: For overall health and hygiene of vagina, you should wash your vagina daily with everteen natural intimate wash. It will help you in preventing any infection in vagina which can further aggravate the situation. Daily wash your vagina with everteen natural intimate wash so as to maintain proper hygiene. If you are travelling or moving out of home, then keep everteen natural intimate wipes with you so as to clean your vagina after urination. Don’t use soaps or shampoo for washing the vaginal area

Consult your doctor: Avoid self medication or over the counter drug, and it is advised to consult with your doctor for debilitating pain

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