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Dr.S.N.Anwar, Social Health Expert, New Delhi

Although Department of Metrological Science predicted a weak monsoon this year, even than everyone wishing for its arrival at the earliest. People are looking up the sky for relief and to get respite from sizzling heat. The rain brings relief from soaring temperature but it also brings with it a set of diseases and problems that can assume serious proportions.  Rainy season is notorious for bringing with it a host of viral, fungal and bacterial diseases. Apart from other common diseases i.e. cold and cough, the chances of getting opportunistic infection, vaginal candidiasis is quite high. Vaginal Candidiasis is a fungal infection caused by yeast.

Yeast is always present in your vagina in small numbers but symptoms of vaginal yeast infection appear if there is an overgrowth.  Several factors are associated with increased symptomatic vaginal yeast infection in women, including pregnancy, uncontrolled diabetes mellitus, and use of oral contraceptives and so on.

The most common symptom of vaginal yeast infection is itching, burning and irritation of vagina. Pain during sex is also very common symptom. It may sometime present with vaginal discharge. The male partner of the female having yeast infection are usually asymptomatic.

Yeast infection can easily be controlled by anti-fungal cream and tablets but before having this consult your gynaecologist once. The best way to prevent vaginal yeast infection is to follow good personal hygiene. Women should bath twice a day and should wash hand frequently. While showering women should wash their vagina with lot of water and natural intimate wash. Use of scented soap or cosmetic vaginal wash should be avoided completely. Afterward, keep the vagina dry and use airy, loose cotton undergarment for better hygiene.

So go out and enjoy the downpour the fullest and maintain your personal hygiene completely.

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