Just like period products that have advanced from the conventional maxi sanitary pads to reusable sanitary pads, tampons, and menstrual cups, intimate care products too have evolved from tissue rolls to intimate wipes, intimate washes, and daily panty liners.  However, women feel like they are skating on thin ice when they try out a new intimate hygiene product. That’s because the vagina and the intimate area are quite sensitive. We women probably look out for more qualities in our intimate hygiene products than we do in our friends! Daily panty liner is one such product. So the next time you stock up on your daily panty liner, make sure it has these qualities to ensure you get only the best protection and care:


The word bacteria itself gives us the heebie-jeebies. They aren’t bad always though. Like the digestive system, your vagina also has good bacteria. They keep the vagina and its surrounding area safe from infections. But, gatecrashers like sweat and vaginal discharges step in the vaginal surroundings and hamper the ratio of bad and good bacteria in the vagina. everteen Daily Panty Liners have a negative ion antibacterial chip embedded in them that helps fight harmful bacteria. How much better it is to let a panty liner fight bad bacteria than popping pills for infections, right!


Chemicals should stay away from your vagina. They disturb the natural pH balance (3.5 to 4.5) of the vagina. Not all modern-day panty liners are friendly; some panty liners irritate the vagina and cause redness, rashes, and burns, which ruins not only your vaginal pH but also your comfort. everteen Daily Panty Liners keep the vagina irritation-free thanks to its 100% natural cotton surface lining that feels as soft as a feather to your vagina and keeps it dry. No matter how much fluids or discharges your vagina expels, the cotton surface will always render softness and ultimate comfort to your vagina.


One of the main reasons we use an intimate hygiene product is to prevent us from getting the “smelly cat in the room” tag. While most panty liners have strong, irritating and harmful scents to destroy the odor, everteen Daily Panty Liners are a natural chemical-free solution to odor troubles. The ultra-thin panty liner doesn’t just keep your vagina fresh by keeping it dry but also traps in the foul odor from the discharges and fluids.


Carrying around a pack of daily panty liners in your tote is quite obnoxious. Fortunately, everteen has come up individually wrapped panty liners. So, when you need to pass on a panty liner to your friend or decide to carry a sling bag to work, a single panty liner in a sterile mobile pack is here for you.


Sticking up a panty liner on your undie only makes sense if it works. everteen Daily Panty Liners soak up the sweat, vaginal discharges and fluids, and the unpredicted periods and urine leaks. These liners have breathable layers, which are always lights-camera-action ready to soak up fluids anytime, any day. everteen Daily Panty Liners are the perfect intimate hygiene partner for your day. Grab a pack of everteen Daily Panty Liners and let you and your intimate areas breathe a sigh of relief.

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