All the ordeals you’ve endured for the past nine months while you were expecting have finally paid off now that you get to hold your little bundle of joy in your arms. Now that you’ve won all the little battles of pregnancy, it’s time to wear the “new mom” sash and deal with life. But while getting overwhelmed in learning ways to take care of your new baby, don’t give your own personal care the cold shoulder.

New you, new changes

Your body constantly changes as it grows, and there’s no exception to this after having a baby either. Stretch marks, swollen breasts, hair loss,and losing your body shape are some of the changes you very obviously notice when you look at the mirror. However, the changes are not only limited to what is apparent to your eyes, there are some internal changes happening too.One of the most important parts of your body that goes through many changes is your vagina.

The vagina undergoes many stress during and after childbirth, some mild some severe. Women experience pain and lochia as the vagina heals from the ordeal of childbirth. Lochia, the post-pregnancy discharge, occurs in three stages – lochia rubra (the first discharge which contains tissue from the uterus and is red in color), lochia serosa (a thin pink or brownish colored discharge that contains cervical mucus), and lochia alba (white or yellowish-white discharge that contains fats).It’s important that you maintain thorough, intimate hygiene as lochia is a fertile ground for infections.

vaginal wash are the perfect solution to take care of your vagina effectively. Here’s why you can totally rely on Everteen Natural Intimate Wash and no other feminine wash,to take good care of your vagina:

Protects you from infection

Lochia creates a strong ground for infections. The Everteen Natural Intimate Wash has natural ingredients like Butea frondosa that have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. The effects of vaginal infections don’t limit locally to the vagina but can even spread through the cells of the vagina to other parts of the uterus and pelvis, which may cause new problems for you. Thus, preventing infections till the lochia completely stops is non-negotiable for a new mom like you and curbing infections at the earliest is crucial.

Soothes your vagina

Wearing sanitary pads or tampons becomes necessary to stave off bleeding and discharge. The constant contact between the vagina and the sanitary pad agitates the skin around the vagina, which may still be sore from childbirth, and may result in redness, itching, and irritation. The alum found in the specially formulated and pH-balanced Everteen Natural Intimate Wash provides moisture to your vagina and reduces the inflammation on your vagina. It soothes the vagina and leaves you feeling at rest.

Rejuvenates the vagina

After having a baby through the vaginal route, the vagina becomes weak and loose. The Aloe vera and sphatika from the Everteen Natural Intimate Wash help in improving the quality of cells in the vaginal muscles. Aloe vera promotes rejuvenation of the vaginal cells, and sphatika constricts the blood vessels. Your vagina feels refreshed and moist, feeling ready to get back in action.

Safe for your vagina

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is formulated in the pH range of 3.5 to 4.5, which is the ideal pH for your vagina. It is free from surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS) and sodium laurethsulfate (SLES), both harmful ingredients that most other intimate washes contain. Loaded with natural ingredients and no harmful chemicals, the vaginal wash takes subtle care of your vagina while it is still healing from the pain during delivery.

Everteen understands that you may not be able to pay much attention to yourself while taking care of your baby, which is why it has formulated an all-natural intimate wash that can help your vagina stay hygienic, clean and dry and lets you focus on your baby.

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