Paper cuts, virus crackdowns, and impending deadlines are common work-related problems. And if you’re a woman working in an office, male domination, lack of appreciation, getting trampled down each time you do well are other unending issues at work. All of this leaves little time for intimate hygiene, which is a issue for every woman. Problems like vaginal discharge, urinary incontinence or related odor show up like uninvited guests hence panty liners  are a must in the bags of every working women.

Panty Liners: The New-age Protection Gear For Vagina

When the bosses steam up our heads, and when the files keep piling up into tall mountains, we do not pay attention to ourselves. But some things need constant care throughout the day, including your vagina. Here’s why panty liners are the perfect hygiene partner that you should carry in your office bag if you are an office goer:

Take Charge Of Surprise Periods

Audits, visits, over-time, three to four meetings lined up for the day; you never know what’s lined up at work on a particular day, just like your periods. You may use period tracking apps or have always had your period on a set date every month, but you’ll never know if your periods decide to surprise you by coming early or late. Panty liners help absorb unexpected periods. They will help you breathe in peace until you manage to get time to get to the loo and wear a sanitary napkin, tampon or a menstrual cup.

Protects Against Urinary Incontinence

Picture this – you are giving an important presentation at work and you happen to sneeze, or your best buddy at work cracks an inside joke to cheer you up. You may spurt out a little pee. You might get embarrassed or even fret about the trickle going down your leg. But, with everteen Daily Panty Liners, you won’t ever have to worry about being embarrassed like this! These panty liners are ultra-thin yet super-absorbent, giving you instant dryness and assurance.

Keep You Fresh All Day

Freshness is something that makes you feel like a morning flower with the dainty dewdrops on it. Losing this freshness is just like becoming a wilted flower by the end of the day. We look for the “lasting freshness” slogan on all hygiene products we buy to keep the flower-like freshness lingering all day long. For your vagina, everteen Daily Panty Liners are just the perfect freshness product. They keep your vagina fresh, clean and dry with a 100% soft-feel cotton surface.

Manage Infections And discharges

Vaginal discharges are just like the commercials that come on right before the climax of your favorite show. At work, we cannot afford to visit the washroom every time there’s a discharge situation. If you let these discharges stay for long on your panty, you will not just feel damp, but you may also develop odor and infections. everteen Daily Panty Liners are the perfect rescue friend for these problems. They have an antibacterial negative ion chip that traps the nasty bacteria that cause odor and infections and, of course, the breathable absorbent cotton layers that keep you dry. Let everteen Daily Panty Liners take care of your vagina while you be the rock star at work




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