Familiar to all girls who plan their road trips, flight journeys, or even wedding dates according to their periods date. Periods dates are so much of a hassle to manage! Nevertheless, in some cases, you just have to commit! For instance, a business trip, a honeymoon, or a big old family get together. Well, you simply cannot postpone, pre-pone or cancel your travel diary entries just because you got your periods. After all, you live only once! Say hello to menstrual cups for all such rainy days!

The Best Way To Manage Periods While Traveling

If you’re the conventional sanitary napkin user or a newbie tampon user, get ready to switch to a menstrual cup because as you read further, you’re going to choose menstrual cups over all the other products the next time you fill your travel kit. Menstrual cups are the small cup-shaped medical-grade silicone menstrual hygiene products that collect period blood. They are soft to the touch and equally gentle to your vagina. Not just this, here’s why menstrual cups make the perfect menstrual product for traveling:

No Need For Extras

Have you ever traveled with just two or three sanitary pads and tampons in your travel bag? Definitely no! A heavy flow day could take up at least 3 pads and 2 tampons on an average. Well, just 1 menstrual cup can meet your menstrual needs for an entire day and your entire trip! Everteen menstrual cups can be used for 12 hours. After 12 hours, you could give it a rinse and reuse for another 12 hours. Do the math yourself! 3 pads, 2 tampons, and 1 menstrual cup! Chalk off the entire pack of pads and tampons from your bag and make space for that one teenie tiny menstrual cup.


Changing pads or tampons every six to eight hours is nothing less than annoying. Imagine taking a stop during a fun road trip or rushing to the airport washroom just to change your pad or tampon. With a menstrual cup, you just empty the cup, give it a rinse, and put it back in. Could managing periods be any easier? 😉 No wastage of tissues or newspaper to wrap up the sanitary pad or tampons either! Talk about eco-friendly 😊

Comfortable And Secure

Unlike sanitary napkins that tend to lose their adhesive patch and move around every time you move your booty, menstrual cups stay secure in their position. The cup creates a suction once it fits well in the vagina and stays there to collect period blood. Sanitary pads and tampons may feel icky and sweaty and can cause rashes and itches due to heat. If your destination is a hot place or if you are planning some sporty activities, everteen Menstrual Cup are definitely the perfect fit for you.

Suitable For All Menstrual Flows

The menstrual flow on any day could be light, heavy, or moderate depending on which day of your periods it is. You never know how much your uterus decides to shed on a particular day. However, everteen Menstrual Cup stay ready for any period flow. The small and large sized cups make them accessible to a vagina of any size and any amount of flow. There’s also no chance of period leaks because it has a firmly sealed suction that prevents spillage. Also, menstrual cups can ease your period pain; you might not need that painkiller as often.

Continue to be the traveling freak you are and say “Hakuna Matata” even when you have your periods!