Everteen Essentials Sanitary Napkin Pads-Xtra Large-320mm

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Everteen Essentials Sanitary Napkin Pads are comfortable and perfect for those days of flow.  The super absorbent surface provides leak-proof protection against menstrual fluid.

1 Pack contains 8 essentials sanitary napkin pads

Key Features:
Super absorbent surface for an instant dry and soft feel
# Breathable bottom layer layer allows air to circulate, eliminates moisture & heat
# Sterilised air laid paper to guide menstrual fluid to super-absorbent polymer center
Both side protection to prevent leakage and provide extra protection


Everteen Essentials Napkin Pads provides 8 hours protection against menstrual fluid. The super-absorbent surface of everteen essentials sanitary napkin pad quickly absorbs the flow and moisture, so that you feel clean and dry with no discomforts or shagginess. Everteen essentials sanitary napkin allows ventilation around your vaginal area as the layer is highly permeable to air. Even in the scorching and sweating summer, you feel fresh with no skin irritation.

One pack of Everteen Essentials Sanitary Napkin Pads contains 8 pads and can be used during both day and night.

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