“What’s the difference between sanitary pads and panty liners?” is one of the many period-related questions that most women have. It might seem that they are essentially one and the same, but the right answer seems lost, like words in a Chinese whispers game. Well, let’s clear the air today. Before we dive in to talk about the differences between them, it’s important to note that they have one similarity, they are both sanitary hygiene products  and each is important for vaginal hygiene. Knowing how these two products differ in their purpose will help you choose the right product according to your needs.

Sanitary Pads

Sanitary pads or sanitary napkins are created with the sole aim of absorbing period blood. They are thicker and more absorbent as compared to a panty liner. They soak up the heavy flow of periods to prevent spillage onto the panties. They are designed to prevent specific complaints like staining of the innerwear that occurs during periods. They also come with wings to give an extra seal lock so that chums don’t seep out from the sides of the napkin.

Sanitary pads give you the high absorption you need during periods. The modern sanitary pads aim at being versatile for all women. And so, they come in many options for women to choose from, like different sizes and shapes, different thickness for varied flow during periods, and even special pads for the nights to give a leakage-free, stress-free good night’s sleep.

Panty Liners

As you can tell by the name, panty liners are made to line the inside of your underwear, like an extra lining, really. Panty liners are most useful when your chums are reduced to mere spotting and when you experience urinary incontinence or vaginal discharges during the day. They do not have a thick padding to soak up the fluids, which is why they will not be helpful during heavy periods. One of the very important aspects of panty liners is that they can be used along with tampons. They become a gridlock to soak up any seepage of period blood that escapes the tampon if the tampon has not been changed in a long while or there is unexpected heavy flow.

everteen Daily Panty liners are extremely comfortable as they are quite thin. They do not feel bulky and fit right into the shape of your underwear. Daily Panty liners also help to keep your vagina healthy by:

Providing Everyday Freshness

everteen Daily Panty Liner keep your vagina clean as they have 100% natural cotton surface, which absorbs moisture from the vagina from discharges, urinary incontinence, or sweating around the vaginal area.

Keeping You Odor Free

Dampness from discharges, light periods, or sweat can produce a foul odor. everteen’s daily panty liners soak up such odor-producing fluids and keep your vagina feeling fresh, dry, and smelling good.

Keeping You Confident

Be it an unpredictable vaginal discharge or pee leakage due to a hearty laugh or a wide stretch, everteen Daily Panty Liner creates a barrier so that your pretty panty doesn’t get soiled. It protects you from these uninvited guests and keeps you fresh, confident, and ever ready for anything you want to do!

Providing Anti-bacterial Brotection

Daily Panty liners don’t just protect you from discharges and dampness. everteen Daily Panty Liners have an anti-bacterial feature. They have a negative ion strip that stops the multiplication of the bacteria responsible for producing infections and nasty odor.

There is no tradition or set rule behind using sanitary pads and panty liners. It’s all about what gives you confidence and comfort. Make sure to go with a product that is safe, natural, and the best for you.

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