Panty liners are much publicized among almost every new-age woman. They are even applauded for their awesome features in maintaining female intimate hygiene; keeping the underwear and intimate area clean and dry. Having been shown only the good side of the panty liner, one wonders, does it have a bad side too? Let’s find out if a panty liner is a real deal in intimate hygiene. These pros and cons will clear the air and help you decide if you should use panty liners as an intimate hygiene product every day.

Pros Of Panty Liners

The selling points of panty liners that make them particularly helpful in women of any age are that they:

Keeps You Fresh And Dry All Day

Panty liners keep you dry even if vaginal discharges and urine leaks rain on your parade. You might wonder a how panty liner will tackle the unpredictable, irregular spills and fluids with its thin form. Unlike most panty liners with not enough absorbency, everteen Daily Panty Liners, while being ultra-thin, have breathable layers of 100% natural cotton that help fluids sink into the bottom-most layer, making space for absorbing more fluid and giving you total dryness.

Are A Great Backup For Tampons And Menstrual Cup

Do you use a tampon or menstrual cup for your period and live in fear of getting stained panties due to period leaks from these menstrual products? With panty liners, you can breathe a sigh of relief. If your tampon or menstrual cup happens to ooze out period blood, the panty liner absorbs the blood and keeps you stain-free and period-odor-free.

Protect You From Unannounced Periods

Anything more dreadful than not being able to find a sanitary pad or a tampon when your period arrives without warning? Probably not! Wearing an everteen Daily Panty Liner absorbs unexpected period blood and saves the day from stained panties and jeans.

Saves You From The “Ooh I wet my pants a bit” Moment

Finishing the entire sipper bottle on the run to stay hydrated or laughing hard at a very good joke from the sitcoms may make you pee a little in your undies. That’s just because you lost a bit of bladder control or is a reminder for you to do more Kegels. Panty liners are a great buddy to hold the sudden uncontrollable urine spurts and protect you from embarrassing moments and dampness. This also prevents the infections that come with the dampness.

Maintain The Sensitivity Of Your Vagina

Constant dampness from the fluids, unexpected periods, and urine leaks may cause burning, itching, redness, and even rashes. everteen Daily Panty Liners are made of 100% natural cotton surface that feels as soft as cotton underwear to your vagina. The adhesive layer of the panty liner from Everteen is also made from a non-toxic, food-grade adhesive material. Thus, everteen panty liner is a totally natural and safe product for your vagina.

Cons Of Panty Liners

Some downsides of using panty liners are that they:

Cause Bacterial Infections

 Constant dampness from your panty liner or your undie can lead to the growth of harmful bacteria. Hence, use anti-bacterial daily panty liners like the everteen Daily Panty Liners. everteen’s panty liners have an antibacterial negative ion chip. This chip puts a stop to the multiplication of bacteria and eliminates bad odor.

Feel Bulky In The Toiletry Bag

Carrying a pack of daily panty liners in addition to hygiene wipes, a sanitary pad, a tampon, or a menstrual cup makes the intimate hygiene pouch bulky. Lucky for us girls, Everteen has manufactured panty liners in single unit packages. Just grab as many units as you need of the everteen Daily Panty Liners, and you’re good to go for the entire day!

The pros clearly outweigh the cons of a panty liner, making it your intimate hygiene friend and not a foe. With everteen Daily Panty Liners, be clean, fresh, safe, and confident all day, every day!




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