It is not just the sagging and wrinkling of your skin, signs of aging include the loss of hair and bone and muscle strength too. And like all other body parts, your vulva and vagina age too. The first time your vagina experienced a stretch or sag was after vaginal childbirth and, ever since, the vagina has continued to lose its firmness and elasticity. As you reach your 50s, you start reaching menopause; another milestone for your vagina. During this stage, the production of estrogen, a hormone that is responsible for regulating blood flow and enhancing the collagen production in your vagina, slows down. As estrogen lessens, your vagina loses its elasticity, color, and shape. Vaginal atrophy, a condition commonly seen in women after menopause, causes thinning of the vaginal walls, inflammation and dryness in the vagina, and reduces the curviness of the vagina even more. All of this ultimately leads to reduced sexual performance. Vaginal tightening gels can help reduce the laxity and bring back the joy of younger days.

Should Women Over 50 Consider Using Vaginal Tightening Gels?

Although topical applications of estrogen have been traditionally used to reduce the vaginal issues of sagging, irritation and dryness caused by lack of estrogen, vaginal tightening gels have become a vital new addition to the products that eliminate these vaginal issues. The gels improve the flora of the vagina and maintain hydration by lubricating the vagina. Remember to choose gels that do not contain sulfates or any harmful chemicals that might irritate your vagina. A vagina is an intimate and delicate area of the body and choosing products that will not disturb the vaginal environment or the fragile pH balance is essential. The everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel is a classic example of such a sensitive product.

Why everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel?

Following are the reasons that make everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel a safe choice for your vagina:

  • It is 100% Natural

everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel consists of the following 6 natural ingredients that provide effective results without causing any disturbance to the flora of the vagina:

  • Quercus infectoria: Enriched with vitamin C, proteins, calcium and fibers, this plant also has antioxidant properties that improve the strength and tone of vaginal muscles.
  • Ficus glomerata: This is a well-known herb in Ayurvedic texts, which is used to enhance the vagina. It tightens your vaginal muscles and improves the elasticity. It also works quickly on the vagina as it has excellent absorption.
  • Butea frondosa: This ingredient aims at improving the sensitivity of the vagina. It enhances the sensations and stimulates the libido, so that you can enjoy a roll in the sack just like in your twenties. 😉
  • Aloe vera: One of the most acclaimed products, loved by all women for its hair- and skin-beautifying properties, aloe vera does wonders for your vagina as well. It has natural healing and anti-inflammatory properties that fight against infections, not to forget the natural moisturizing effect that it lends to the vagina to combat vaginal dryness.
  • Sphatika: Also known as alum, sphatika has a soothing and refreshing effect on the vagina while improving the constriction of blood vessels, thus promoting a firmer vagina.
  • Woodfordia floribunda: Another superhit herb in Ayurvedic texts, woodfordia improves the elasticity of vaginal muscles. The flavonoids and phenols in this herb contribute to its activity.

Gives Your Vagina A Vitality Boost

The revitalizing, refreshing and hydrating effects of the ingredients of everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel leave the vagina feeling fresh and young. It provides you with improved sensations and a tight vagina with enhanced blood flow and a better libido; everything you need to get your mojo back on.

Gives You A Healthier Vagina

The gel improves your vagina not only externally, but also internally. It brings back life in the vaginal cells, and the natural ingredients create a defense mechanism against infections by brushing off any harmful bacteria present in the vaginal lining.

Above all, your vagina stays in safe hands. No harsh chemicals means no rashes, no infections, and no irritation.

How To Use everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel?

Feeling nervous about trying vaginal tightening gels for the first time? Well, don’t be. The following steps will help you use everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel with ease:

  • Wash your hands and vagina with clean water.
  • Sit in a squatting position.
  • Takeoff the bottle cap, press the pump fully once and take about 2 to 3 grams of the gel on your fingertips.
  • Apply the gel on your vulva and vagina in a circular motion. Once applied, sit in a comfortable position for a few minutes and you are good to go!
  • Use the gel twice a day.

There is a first time for everything. If you have not tried a vaginal tightening gel before, give it a try. To make sure you have an excellent first experience, use a good product that is guaranteed to give you better results, e.g., the everteen Vaginal Tightening Gel.

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