Women of the 21st century share some fabulous stories about their journeys and accomplishments. Reaching the heights of success, crushing down the taboos, and becoming independent takes sheer dedication and hard work. Well, hard work is just the title of a woman’s story; the challenges that you face, as a woman, are endless.  Taking care of your intimate hygiene, that is vaginal hygiene, is one of them.

Vaginal care has always been an open secret among women but has now become a major topic of the confab. While you might know enough about paying attention to your vaginal health, you might not know the right products to use for the same. Maintaining vaginal hygiene is not just about lathering up the vagina with soap or a gentle wash and rinsing it off. Mild formulations, made in accordance with the sensitivity of the vaginal tissue, are the perfect vaginal cleansing products. Every 21st-century woman, need a vaginal wash every day on the go for the below given reasons.

Protects You From Infections

Toilets, no matter how visibly clean, are a hub of harmful germs; but the toilets in places of public transportation like trains, airports, and public places like malls are like a parliament of germs. Even though we try avoiding the use of these toilets, sometimes nature’s call is simply unavoidable. Bacteria and fungi from these toilets can cause serious vaginal infections. everteen Natural Intimate Wash is prepared using herbs like Ficus glomerata and Butea frondosa that take care of these nasty infection-causing organisms. They act as antifungal and antibacterial agents, keeping your vagina safe from infections, in natural way. So the next time you stop by a public toilet, fear not!

Maintains The pH And Tenderness Of Your Vagina

The vaginal muscles are layered with tissues that are sensitive and fragile. These tissues have a pH and an environment of their own. This is why we cannot use soaps made for the rest of the body for cleaning the vagina. everteen Natural Intimate Wash is formulated to maintain the delicate balance between cleansing the vagina and maintaining the fragility of the vagina. It is formulated in the pH range of 3.5 to 4.5, which is the ideal vaginal pH. So if your vagina feels eww after a long day of running around, rest assured of its safety because the Aloe vera in the everteen Natural Intimate Wash will soothe it gently, effectively leaving your vagina hydrated, fresh, and de-stressed. The aloe even improves the cell regeneration in your vagina.

Kills Bad Odor

Vaginal discharges bring with them a foul odor, along with irritation and itching. The everteen Natural Intimate Wash not only keeps the nasty odor of vaginal discharges at bay but also keeps you safe from pain, redness, itching, and infections. Sphatika or alum, a natural cooling agent found in the intimate wash, keeps your vagina feeling relaxed and refreshed. It even improves the tone of the vaginal muscles due to its astringent properties. When those icky discharges give you the itch or burns, wash it away with everteen Natural Intimate Wash and stay confidently clean all day.

 As you take on the challenge to better your life each day, you can forego the worry of keeping your vagina clean with everteen Natural Intimate Wash as your hygiene teammate. Continue to be the bold, free, unstoppable you while your intimate hygiene is taken care of. 😉


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