Mothers make us believe in the existence of superpowers. They inadvertently fall in to a routine of managing the family, household chores, and work, and often forget to take care of themselves. Moms are no less than a superhero because when it’s time for duty, they work with all their strength and might. In spite of being a woman or rather because she is a woman, a mom manages to fulfill her duties at home and work effortlessly.

To the supermoms out there! While you’re tech-savvy and strong to manage life, don’t forget to take care of yourself, more importantly, your intimate hygiene. Here’s how Everteen Natural Intimate Wash proves itself to be an important ally in your fight against vaginal infections as you go about your day:

Takes away the dampness

Vaginal discharges come without a warning while at your office desk or watering the plants in your garden. If these discharges linger around your vagina for a long time, serious infections, itching, and irritation may develop and be troublesome for your vagina. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash cleans the discharge effectively with natural ingredients without leaving behind unnecessary residues. While cleaning your vagina, it does not hinder the normal pH range of 3.5 to 4.5 of your vagina, keeping your vagina safe and helping you focus on your task.

Averts infections

Our vagina has a ton of good bacteria that actually help keep it infection-free, but you never know when the bad guys take on and cause infections. Infections can cause inflammation and irritation in the vaginal skin. Getting off duty because of a vaginal infection is the last thing you want; so keep your vagina protected before these nasty infections affect it. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash mildly but effectively washes out the unnecessary bacteria and fungi using natural ingredients like Ficus glomerata and Butea frondosa.These are packed with anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that keep the infection-causing organisms at bay.

Is hassle-free

Whether it is international business meetings or being on the road, you may have to use public toilets, which are almost never-ever clean. If you do not have access to clean water to rinse your vagina, you can simply pat a few drops of Everteen Natural Intimate Wash on your vagina and clean with a cloth or tissue. It will fit right in your toiletries bag and will keep your vagina clean, hydrated, and refreshed. Say yes to work trips and your vaginal hygiene and a strict no to stopping or slowing down!

Renews your vagina

After a long day, treat yourself with a refreshing shower and let Everteen intimate wash revitalize your vagina too. The natural ingredients of Everteen vaginal wash like aloe vera, sphatika, Butea frondosa, and Ficus glomerata not only clean and moisturize your vagina, they also enhance its cell growth.

Always safe to use

It’s never safe enough when it comes to your intimate areas. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash takes charge of keeping your vagina clean in a safe and healthy way. The formulation contains no harmful chemicals and potent foaming agents like sodium laureth sulfate(SLS) and sodium lauryl ether sulfate(SLES). So no matter the number of vaginal troubles, Everteen wash is always safe to use.

Just as you’re always set to tackle daily challenges, prep your vagina to tackle challenges each day with the Everteen Natural Intimate Wash. Set your vagina ready to fight against bad odor, infections,and irritation just like a supermom that you are!

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