Hands down there may be nothing more spellbinding, surreal, and heartwarming than being pregnant! A life grows inside you, possibly the next big superstar or the smartest astronaut, who knows! As much bliss it is to have your baby due, pregnancy has its own set of challenges too! Morning sickness, random pains, weight fluctuation, hair fall, mood swings, etc., are all changes that you might be trying hard to cope with. However,there’s another important aspect that is usually overlooked during pregnancy but gains more attention only after the baby arrives –pregnancy hygiene.

 Vaginal wash: the  pregnancy hygiene partner you can count on

It wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t take care of your vagina, a VIP through which a baby typically enters this world. If you did not know, your vagina goes through many changes during pregnancy. Your vagina swells up during pregnancy, which creates more room for infections. Vaginal discharges, change in pH levels, and itching are some of the many problems that the vagina goes through. Avoiding these issues can cause sores, bumps, ulcers, cuts, infections, etc. These concerns are even more alarming in a pregnant woman, as infections could even affect the womb, thereby affecting the baby’s health. Vaginal hygiene often takes a back seat during pregnancy. Make sure that your vagina stays clean and hygienic not just for you, but also for your baby because – better safe than sorry ! Natural washes like the Everteen Intimate wash are the answer you are looking for as your pregnancy hygiene partner.

Harsh lotions and soaps can be more of a hassle than help in keeping your vagina clean and dry. The chemicals in these cleansing products disrupt the natural habitat that the vagina creates for itself. They ruin the pH of the vagina and may actually irritate the vagina and cause infections. Due to this, feminine washes are a boon for intimate care. They are scrupulously prepared specially for the vagina’s delicate environment and sensitive skin. You can see a plethora of feminine cleansing washes and other cleansing products in stores near you, but a natural chemical-free vaginal wash is the only safe choice for your intimate hygiene.In this, Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is your ideal pregnancy hygiene partner.

During pregnancy, avoiding any chemical is safe, not just for you, but also for your baby. Everteen natural intimate wash is made with 100% natural ingredients like sphatika and Butea frondosa. It is power-packed with the following properties:

  • Renews your vaginal skin: Aloe vera works like magic when it comes to repairing our skin. It shows a similar effect on our vagina. The Everteen intimate wash is enriched with Aloe vera, which gives a boost to the vaginal cells’ regeneration process. It also moisturizes the vagina and is an anti-inflammatory. The anti-inflammatory effect saves your vagina from swelling, redness, itching, and pain due to potential inflammation from an infection.
  • Preserves the natural balance of your vagina: Changes in the pH of the vagina makes the vagina prone to discharges and infections. Everteen is a pH balanced intimate wash formulated to maintain the vaginal pH at the optimum level of 3.5 to 4.5 and is free from highly active surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate(SLS) and sodium laurethsulfate (SLES). By keeping your vagina in the ideal pH range, it also makes it a safe home for the beneficial microorganisms that are naturally present in the vagina. 
  • Becomes a protection gear for your vagina: Ficus glomerata and Butea frondosa are two anti-fungal and antibacterial fighters found in the Everteen intimate wash. They put a stop to any bacteria or fungi that can cause a vaginal infection. Ficus even keeps you safe from potent bacteria like Escherichia coli that are known to cause severe infections in your vagina.
  • Creates a happy place for the vagina: Everteen intimate wash keeps the embarrassing and disgusting odors from the discharges away. Itching and irritation are also taken care of by sphatika and aloe vera, keeping you and your vagina healthy and happy. They help to restore the sensitivity of the vaginal tissues by giving a refreshing, soothing, and hydrating effect.

 While you’re shopping for the best of maternity wears and adorable baby boots, grab a pack of Everteen Natural Intimate Wash because you need to choose the best for you too!

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