While latest smartphones with higher megapixel cameras and NASA’s new projects come up, the industry of menstrual hygiene products is not too far behind in their research. Gone are the days when you walked up to a store and found only sanitary pads as period products. Now there’s an entire section on supermarket aisles where you will find all sorts of menstrual products.

You’ll find additions in both the types of menstrual products – internal protection and external protection. Internal protection products are menstrual products that you insert in your vagina to collect the menstrual blood. External protection products are menstrual products that you place on your underwear to collect period blood. Here’s a low down on the myriad options you have today for a worry-free period.


Although not a recent addition, tampons are still a mystery menstrual product in some places. The cylinder-shaped absorbent cotton, which is about the length of an index finger, now has multiple variants. Organic cotton tampons, tampons with an applicator, tampons with different absorbing capacities for light, regular, heavy flow tampons, and many more.

These personal hygiene devices, when plugged into your vagina, soak up the period blood. However, you should be careful to change them regularly. If you forget to change the tampon for a long time, it can lead to some very serious infections. Tampons have many other challenges like frequent changing and leakage during heavy flow.

Sanitary Pads

Yeah, we know pads aren’t the latest discovery in menstrual products, but the new range of sanitary napkins is nothing like the erstwhile pads. Pads that are mildly perfumed, with anti-bacterial protection, reusable cloth pads, in varying sizes and shapes, extra night-time protection, wings and what not have become the latest additions. Now you even have super soft cotton-feel lined sanitary napkins that prevent itching and rashes.

However, pads are made with synthetic materials and plastics, which make them harsh for your vagina and the surrounding sensitive skin. Not to forget the nuisance of placing the pad correctly, sitting uptight so that the pad does not move, and a trashcan filled with disposable pads! All this just adds to the mess; just adds to the stress.

Menstrual Cups

Menstrual cups are the new cool and have created a cutting-edge impression on other menstrual products. Not to brag, but when you see how much of a hassle-free product it is, you will affirm its awesomeness yourself. Menstrual cups are bell-shaped tiny silicone cups that sit inside your vagina. They stay in your vagina and act like a container to collect your period blood. everteen Menstrual Cups come in two sizes, catering to the variations in cervix depth. So, depending on the depth of cervix and size of vagina, one would need either small or large menstrual cup.

One everteen Menstrual Cup can be used for about 12 hours and can be reused for up to 10 years. There’s no fear of leaks or odor while using menstrual cups. They are pocket-friendly and eco-friendly to boot!

Period Panties

Period panties are comfy panty-like wearables that come with an absorbent layer that makes them usable for periods. Instead of your regular panty, wear a period panty and let it soak your period blood. They are quite comfortable and the modern designs are very much similar to normal panties, making them non-bulky, not making you feel like you wearing a nappy. But, on a heavy flow day, you would need to change these panties often. Washing these panties may spoil the surface and absorbency of the panty and carrying extras of these is rather unmanageable and awkward. Choose what you feel is best for your menstrual flow, but keep convenience, affordability, and comfort first because it’s a fairly long and regular monthly affair. Make every period a happy period!

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