What is Feminine Hygiene Wash?

Q. What is Feminine Hygiene Wash?

Ans: Feminine Hygiene wash is a vaginal wash which is specially formulated to wash vaginal area. The vaginal area contains both bad and good bacteria which constitutes the pH balance of vagina. If this pH balance of vagina is disturbed then it can result into a vaginal infection. If you use an ordinary wash or soaps or shampoo then it can disturb the pH balance of vaginal area. Therefore feminine hygiene wash is formulated as it contains similar pH as of vagina and hence used for washing vaginal area. Unintentionally or due to lack of awareness, we generally wash our vaginal area with any body soap or shampoo and the pH of these soaps or shampoo is very high in comparison to the pH of Vagina. This is one of the reasons for rising incidences of vaginal infections and vaginal discomforts among women. This is important to know that soaps and shampoo also contains harsh chemicals which are not good for the sensitive part of your body like vagina. In this situation, a feminine hygiene wash is the best recommended product to wash vaginal area.