In your busy humdrum life, the immense joy that hiking on a mountain, cycling at midnight, a long flight to your dream destination, or a road trip with your best buddies  is just indefinable. While we follow the clichéd quotes like “take the road less traveled” or “mountains are calling,” one of the most important yet boring aspects of traveling is packing.

Shoes, sunglasses, and makeup are mandatory in your travel bags. We also do not forget to include the period kit in our bags because the sun and moon may not move, but your periods might decide to visit early. However, what we often forget to carry when we travel is a vaginal wash. If you’ve never thought of carrying it with you or you just ignore it because you’d have to trade it with your favorite shampoos to save space or weight, think again.

Intimate hygiene is a must whether you are at home or out, but especially when you are outdoors where the chances of acquiring an infection are the maximum. Here’s why a vaginal wash is a must whenever you hit the road:

Clean toilets are like rare treasures

Be it an airport toilet or a toilet at a stop-by on the way, a clean toilet is a rare gift while traveling and you just never know how clean it really is even when it appears clean. You might have heard statistics like the toilet seat has the most amount of germs. A vaginal wash will come in handy in such instances. Once you are done answering nature’s call, clean your vagina with the Everteen Natural Intimate Wash. The Butea frondosa and Ficus glomerata in the gel have antifungal and antibacterial properties that keep potential bacterial and fungal infections away.

Changing your underwear may not be part of the itinerary

When it’s a road trip or camping, changing underpants may not be feasible. At such times, cleaning vaginal discharges becomes important so that they do not snowball and cause itching, burning, or infections in your vagina. Everteen intimate wash cleans out discharge residues and keeps the vagina clean and fresh. So be it first-day underwear or third-day underwear, the aloe vera and sphatika in the Everteen vaginal wash will leave your vagina feeling as hydrated and fresh as a daisy.

Clean water is holy water

While finding clean water is difficult in some places, procuring water itself is a hard-fought battle when you are traveling.Your body could pull a day or two without a shower, but if your vagina stays unclean for too long, especially during periods, some seriously nasty infections could be coming your way. A quick swab of Everteen Natural Intimate Wash will not just clean your vagina, it will also maintain the ideal pH, which is around 3.5 to 4.5, for the survival of the friendly bacteria in your vagina.

You may sweat buckets!

Sweating is an inevitable part of traveling. You walk, jump, hike, cycle or even ride, and you sweat not just in your armpits but also in your groin. Sweat could also result in itching, rashes, and redness. It is a total downer when you plan to swim in your new bikini, hang out in your shorts or your pants, and it just does not feel good down there. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash rescues you from such embarrassing situations as infections that could result from sweating around the vaginal area. It even makes your vagina smell great!

Next time you prep the luggage for your trip, add Everteen Natural Intimate Wash to your hygiene pouch. It will indeed be one of the highlights of your trip. Happy holidays!

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