Take a vote, and you’ll know – the most convincing commercials are hygiene product commercials. Of course, they still rank third, after the latest beauty product and new show commercial. Anti-bacterial, germ-free, and 100% safe are the terms that draw our attention toward the hygiene product advertisements. We buy these products without a doubt. We even check through the specifications of products like toilet cleaners and dish washing soap liquids. However, have you ever thought of checking the anti-bacterial activity of your daily panty liners which provide protection from infections to vagina?

Protection Is Prime

Daily panty liners are known to be the answer to a woman’s prayer during unexpected periods, vaginal discharges, and urinary incontinence. These nifty things keep the vagina soft and dry along with keeping the foul odor at bay. And that’s not all; there’s so much more a daily panty liner can do! everteen Daily Panty Liners bring in the extra anti-bacterial power to the daily panty liner’s function. everteen Daily Panty Liners have an anti-bacterial negative ion strip. The negative ion strip stops the multiplication of bacteria and helps to forestall the bad odor that comes with bacterial colonization. Impressive, right?

Individually wrapped

everteen Daily Panty Liners have more in store for your vaginal health: everteen brings individually wrapped panty liners, which will give you some extra bag space. Instead of stocking up your bag with an entire pack of panty liners, you could just carry as many as you need for the day. The individual wrapping of the everteen Daily Panty Liners also reduces the risk of the liner being contaminated.

Extra absorbent

Although few, there have been instances where women have experienced seepage even after wearing a panty liner. The everteen Daily Panty Liners are extra absorbent and soak up the unexpected spotting and discharges. In spite of this, they are also ultra-thin and breathable. The liner does the work of protecting you from spills while giving you a light and breezy feel at the same time.


Most panty liners in the market contain scents and are made of synthetic materials. Such panty liners may agitate the vaginal skin, causing redness and rashes, and defeat the purpose of protecting your vagina. everteen Daily Panty Liners are 100% cotton and unscented. The cotton pulls the moisture from the vagina and gives an instant dry and a soft feel to the vagina and the sensitive skin around it.

Not just vaginal fluids, vaginal sweat too!

After every workout or playing a sport or simply wearing a tight-fitting bottom, it’s not just our clothes that get sweaty; our innerwear becomes clammy too. That is because your vagina perspires too. The sweat around the vaginal area and the groin may not just be discomforting, but also begins to stink. everteen Daily Panty Liners can help deal with the vaginal sweat while dealing with other vaginal leakage issues.

Catch hold of menstrual leaks

If you use tampons during periods, then a panty liner is a must for you. On a heavy period day or when you can’t change your tampon, your flow may ooze out from the tampon onto your panty. A daily panty liner could help soak up on these period leaks – keep your clothes safe from stains, and yourself safe from embarrassment. So don’t compromise on intimate hygiene even for a single day. Be confident each time you step out for college or office with everteen Daily Panty Liners that offer daily comfort to your vagina by providing you extra absorbency and protection from odor.

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